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Beaver Island

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Beaver Island


Beaver Island is a place of pristine wilderness and lakeshore, infused with freshwater lakes and breathtaking views from dunes and bluffs and roadsides. It is a place of solitude, peace and silence filled only with sounds of nature’s abundance on wings of eagles and swans, crickets, nightjars and loons. It is a quiet land where one walks among ancient forests, sentinel cedars, pines and ironwood trees with gnarled and curved arms welcoming visitors and residents, holding a rich history of Native American, Irish and Mormon founders in their arms.


The small town of St. James on Paradise Bay has two marinas, a gas station, lodging and private homes, several restaurants and bars, a grocery store, hardware store, two museums, coffee shop, a community center, chamber of commerce, post office and several other shops and businesses along an approximately one-mile stretch of curved shoreline. Almost everything is within walking distance on Beaver Island or there are several places to rent vehicles, bicycles or kayaks. Beaver Island is unmatched for opportunities to withdraw and enjoy an unhurried pace that only exists in this unpopulated, unspoiled, breathtaking space in Northern Michigan.

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